The 2016 Road to Awareness campaign has been truly amazing and we are on track to raise over £780,000 this year. This money has come directly from the fantastic Starwood Legacy Hotel associates volunteering their time to organise and take part in a whole variety of fundraising activities.

In true team spirit many hotels this year have been joining forces to organise fundraising events including fun runs, gala dinners and balls. Alongside these events there has been literally hundreds of smaller activities taking place. Cinema nights, staff raffles, quiz nights and simple money collections. These have all brought associates together, created great team building opportunities, and everyone has had a lot of fun.   

Top Tips

Over the past year we’ve been asking everyone for their top fundraising tips and here are the ones that we hear the most.

Plan early- There is always more to do than you think and planning activities earlier makes it more manageable and allows more time for marketing your event

Join forces with other associates and other hotels- The more people to help you organise your fundraising activity the better. Not only can you share the work load you have more people to advertise your activity.

Use your assets- Many associates have cleverly used their hotels' assets for fundraising events. We’ve seen 24 hour rowing challenges in hotel gyms, cinema screenings and fundraising parties taking place your hotel bars.  

Keep it simple- Many associates tell us that focusing on two or three activities a year and keeping the activities simple make it easier to organise and often raise more.

There is still money coming in and the final events of the year are taking place so watch this space for the final total that will be announced in the New Year!